Modbus TCP master for B4J
Download Modbus TCP master CLI example.

This is a console application, with a small example and implementation of a modbus TCP master for B4J.
B4J is perfect for use on a raspberry PI.
Check our the website of the developer -> there you can download the IDE.
You can find also other nice libraries, for charts, gauges etc... on their forum.

In this example, I added a lot of comments to the code, to make it as clear as possible how it works and should be used.
Please note this is an initial version, and a mistake is possible, still, the modbus class is inside the project, so the whole sourcecode is visible, so you can fix it if needed.

The second application is a GUI example.
You are using the software at your own risk, by downloading you agree with the Terms.
Download Modbus TCP master GUI example.