RDB2CSV, what is it?
This program will convert .rdb files, generated by TIA portal or Wincc flexible runtime of Siemens,
to a comma separated values file, that you can use with a spreadsheet program.
The .rdb file is actually an SQLite database file.

It is made in visual studio 2008 and you need to have the 2.0 .net framework or higher installed.
The SQLite DLL must ALWAYS be in the same directory as the .exe file.

Click on "Browse .RDB file" to open a RDB file that is NOT in use!!
Make always a backup of your .rdb file.
Then, make a selection if you wish to add the time in date time format, standard in a .rdb file, these fields aren't used, as the time in ms is already the time reference.
Then click "Open file and import data", please wait a while, processing a big amount of data can take some time.
Once the data is loaded, and you can see the values in the RAW DATA table, you can export this using the Export to csv button.
We always talk about a comma separeted values file, but according to your regional settings, this can change.
For me, Excel is using ";" sign to process csv file, so I added a feature that you can choose to save the file with a different delimiter -> ';' or ","

Open source.
In the future I will make the sourcecode available for download.
So you can look & change the code by yourself.
The die hards can decompile the .exe for now ;-), or just write their own solution.

Big fat warning.
Industrial processes are very critical, corrupt data can cause  damage, therefore this program shall only be used for hobby, or educational use, and not for real industrial applications.

You are using the software at your own risk, by downloading you agree with the Terms.
Download RDB2CSV EXE file