What is it?
The TimeKeeper program is a small database to track how many hours you spend on a specific project.
Every projectname is customizable, once you have created the projects, you can use the start and stop buttons to send a timestamp to the database.
The actual hours you spend on each project isn't calculated, only the timestamps are stored and you can email them to yourself as a .csv file. You can then filter and analyze the data in a spreadsheet program.
Please note that the layout can change according to the android version you are using.

Change log:
-Rev1: Bugfix for visibility selection.
Select here you project
Start here to navigate to all the pages
Start configuring your projects with "add new project"
Here you have an overview of all the configured projects.
Initially, you have some sample data, to delete ALL the data, press on "delete all data". Warning! You will loose all of your data and time registrations!!!
The "favorite" column is the same as the "visible" selection. Only visible or favorite projects will be shown on the mains screen.
Enter here the project name
Enter here the project number if applicable
Enter here the type of you machine you are working on (optional)
This selection must be highlited in order to
be visible on the main screen!!
You can use it to show les projects on the main screen that you don't use anymore.
You cannot delete a specific project. You can only delete all the data (projects and registrations) or only the registrations.
This can be done in the overview screens.
Scroll between the projects
Update modified data
Add a new project
Unique id for the program, you cannot change this value.
The active selected project is shown here.
If you whant to track also the kilometers that you travelled, you can configure it here.
Select start or stop to write a timestamp in the database.
Here you can see when you started and stopped you work.
Status 1 indicates started work, "0" indicates stopped work.
Once you want to calculate and save you hours on your PC, you can send an exported .csv file and email it to yourself.
Download Timekeeper
You are using the software at your own risk, by downloading you agree with the Terms.